About The Author

Tony Warren

Tony lives in Lindale Georgia with his wife Cherry, their two pet dogs and sixty white homing pigeons. He enjoys going on long walks through the woods with his pals Boozer and Shady. Being very active in a number of clubs and organizations he is especially proud of the work his Shrine club does to take care of children’s major medical needs at no cost to the families.

Born in Union, South Carolina he calls Charleston his home town since moving there at the age of two. He resided at John de la Howe School in McCormick, South Carolina from 1959 to 1962 and received his college education at Southern Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia Graduate School. Tony served his country in both the US Army Paratroopers and US Marine Corps.

Tony’s great love of history, Charleston, and the John de la Howe School resulted in the writing of this book. Through his tenacious research an abundance of previously unpublished information was uncovered regarding Dr. John de la Howe’s life after he arrived in America. The historical records he found allowed him to determine the social and work life experiences of Dr. De la Howe in Charleston and the upcountry of South Carolina as well as the women in his life and how he came to establish the school according to his will dated January 2, 1797.

The event dates and the people in his novel are authentic with the exception of Capt. Worley and his daughters. Of course all of the character’s interactions and conversations are a creation of Tony’s imagination.

He was most proud of being involved (hands on) with the excavations at the Lethe Farm site. His collaboration and research was an integral part of publications listed on Collaborations page.