Book Reviews

I have just finished reading the book, 'LETHE'. It is well worth every one who has attended this school, getting a copy and enjoying it as much as I did. Thirty-five years of Dr. de la Howe's life in 285 pages, and as Tony explains on the back, you will find it all; love, romance, intrigue, mystery, war----etc., but most of all you will find a very good narrative of the namesake of our dear 'old state school, John de la Howe School! I learned a lot about this man that I never knew.
Russell Hancock, Alumni

I am thoroughly enjoying every page! It is so fascinating and I am intrigued by every word. Makes me feel as though I am there at the time it was all happening. Learned a lot about how some of the towns got their names and how he met the love of his life. Hoping to see this made into a movie one day. I cannot wait for my granddaughters to read this novel.
Pam Harris, Alumni

Just finished your book and I absolutely loved it! The book is written in a charming way like an exciting tale. A very enjoyable read.
Claudia Stewart Farley

Tony, I couldn't put it down! I've never read a book so fast! To have walked and been a part of this same Lethe was captivating. I didn't know you were such a romanticist!
George Albert Mc Clain, Past President Alumni Association